How To Use A Hydrogen Water Bottle? A Step-By-Step Guide With Tips

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Hydrogen water bottles have completely redefined the wellness on-the-go trend. You can safely consider them a revolutionary innovation that encourages us to prioritize our well-being, no matter where we are.

LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE, and COMPACT, these bottles are sophisticated appliances that can prepare hydrogen-rich water in minutes! But, you must know the correct way to use them; only then can you effectively get their benefits.

I have tried various bottles, jugs, and pitchers from some leading brands ever since I incorporated hydrogen water into my lifestyle. So, based on my extensive experience, I will guide you on how you can use your own generator.

How To Use A Hydrogen Water Bottle A Step-By-Step Guide With Tips

Precautions To Take

Now, before we know how to use a hydrogen water bottle, I feel that it is equally crucial to first understand what NOT to do with it. Besides, this will also ensure its longevity and flawless working.

Always use the original charging cable included in the packaging of your hydrogen water jar. Do not utilize computer chargers or fast chargers as an experiment.

Make sure to charge your bottle for 2 hours (or as specified by the manufacturer) before loading it with tap water.

To prevent damage to your hydrogen water generator, do not disassemble its parts.

Do not overtighten the generator module or part. The generator segment contains a silicone seal, which might be damaged if you tighten it too much.

Do not place an electric hydrogen bottle in the refrigerator or expose it to extreme heat or cold temperatures. It should be kept in cool room temperature conditions and away from direct sunlight.

Use regular tap water in your hydrogen water generator. Beverages such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, or any other unapproved liquids must never be poured inside it.

Pour only the volume of water that is permitted, or marked on the container. Do not overfill it.

Be careful not to drop or cause any impact to the bottle since it contains sensitive components.

Make sure to place the generator on a smooth and flat surface so that the gas release vent or valve remains unobstructed.

Do not power ON when the bottle is empty.

Before using a hydrogen water machine, we need to remember that it is a sophisticated device and not just any ordinary water bottle. So, exercising caution will help ensure both our safety, as well as that of the device.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Using A Hydrogen Water Bottle

Finally, here are the best practices to use a hydrogen water bottle, considering that it is fully charged. These steps are easy to follow, and it only takes a few minutes to prepare hydrogen water from regular tap water.

A. For First-Time Users

When I first tried a hydrogen water bottle, I did not care to read the user manual provided in the kit. I was so excited to prepare my own water at home that I totally skipped the initial precautionary step.

However, I learned the lesson now and would suggest that you do not commit the same mistake as I did. When you are about to utilize your hydrogen water jar for the first time, follow this step first, and then go ahead with the steps mentioned for regular use.

Before using it for the very first time, clean your bottle – pour tap water, electrolyze it 3 to 4 times, and discard the water. Do not drink this water.

Why you ask? Well, here are the reasons, that no one will tell you-

  • Removing Residual Manufacturing Substances: The initial electrolyzing process helps to remove any residual chemicals, oils, or dust that may have been left on the internal components during manufacturing. These substances could be harmful if ingested.
  • Activating the Electrolysis Plates: Electrolyzing the water several times helps to activate and condition the electrolysis plates or membranes inside the bottle. It also helps to optimize the performance and lifespan of the components, ensuring the generator functions correctly and effectively over time.
Electrolysis plate in hydrogen water bottle

B. For Everyday Use Following Initial Setup

After the first time cleanup, follow the steps mentioned below for every time you are about to use your hydrogen water bottle.

Make sure to place the generator on a smooth and flat surface so that the gas release vent or valve remains unobstructed. Ensure the base is firmly fixed.

Fill your hydrogen water bottle with regular tap water or any filtered or bottled water, as recommended by the manufacturer. But, I don’t recommend distilled water as it contains no minerals.

After pouring drinking water to the designated level, press the power ON button for about 3 seconds. You will see a small display/indicator on the bottle wake up and indicate the start of the electrolysis and the duration of the process.

Depending on the hydrogen concentration you want (in ppm or ppb), the total generation time varies from 5 to 15 minutes. Shake the machine very gently while electrolysis is going on to ensure the entire liquid is distributed uniformly.

Once the hydrogen water is prepared, the bottle should indicate it with a beep and display. Depending on the brand and model, the screen and/or the power might be turned off automatically at the end of the process.

Now your hydrogen-infused water is ready for drinking– you can consume it directly from the bottle or swiftly pour it over in a glass, and drink it quickly.

Turning on hydrogen water bottle

C. For Long Term Use

It is crucial to wash your hydrogen water bottle after every use to ensure its hygiene and longevity. What happens is that when you keep generating hydrogen gas for months, the process of electrolysis results in the formation of precipitates that accumulate on the surface of the electrodes. As a result, the electrodes, i.e., the cathode and anode contained in the electrolyzer module, might become ineffective over time. 

I have adopted this habit of CLEANSING my bottle every time after generation, and I suggest you do the same for the best results. Here is a detailed guide to cleaning your hydrogen water generator.

How Many Times Can You Reuse A Hydrogen Water Generator?

It can be difficult to accurately specify the total number of times you can use your bottle because that entirely depends on the specific model– the quality of its parts, technology, and the frequency of use. To be more precise, the battery life cycle and the lifespan of the SPE/PEM membrane are the two key factors that determine the LONGEVITY of a hydrogen water bottle.

You might consider buying a generator from a reputable brand that comes with a robust membrane. Based on my own experience, I can suggest something useful. I specifically look for “DuPont” membranes, which are recognized for their LONGEVITY and QUALITY, while buying a hydrogen water-generating bottle. DuPont membranes are typically designed to deliver over 200 hours of use.

However, having used more than twenty hydrogen water bottles, I can confidently say that, on average, you should be able to continue them for several years. But I have also seen a few brands whose cheap machines lasted barely a few weeks. So, I highly recommend choosing from the best hydrogen water bottles, reading the manufacturer’s guidelines, and trying to follow them as closely as you can.

How Long Does Hydrogen Stays In Optimum Condition After Generation?

While experimenting with hydrogen-infused water, I found that the duration for which the concentration of H2 lasts largely depends on TWO factors. The first is the initial H2 concentration at which the water is prepared, and the second is how the bottle is sealed and stored.

For example, my Level Up Way hydrogen water generator can produce hydrogen gas with up to 4000 ppb concentration. When I tested it, I first kept a bottle of generated water in the open air without sealing the lid. I found that the proportion dropped rapidly, and there was almost NO hydrogen left after 8-10 hours.

However, when I poured fresh hydrogen water into a different sealed container without air and stored it in the refrigerator, it lasted for 11 days. At this point, when I tested the H2 concentration with my kit, it was in the range of 3000 ppb—good, but not the best. (Note: Never put your hydrogen water bottle in the refrigerator directly, as it may get damaged)

Now, do not assume that the water will be unfit for drinking after the specified time frame; that is certainly not the case. What I mean is that the concentration of molecular hydrogen will DEPLETE below the desired level.

This is precisely why hydrogen water bottle manufacturers recommend drinking the hydrogen water as soon as it is prepared, rather than waiting for a long time before consuming it.

Hydrogen water generation with high concentration

What Kind Of Water Can You Use In A Hydrogen Water Bottle?

To prepare hydrogen water, you can pour plain drinking water inside the container. I have seen many brands recommend filtered or regular RO water only with minerals. And then I have my favorite bottle, which I can use with even regular tap water at home – it is that hassle-free!

I have also seen some brands asserting that non-carbonated mineral water works best with hydrogen water bottles. This is because the dissolved minerals in the water help in electrolytic conductivity and optimize the molecular hydrogen content.

That being said, I suggest you read the instruction manual provided in your hydrogen water generator package to see what the manufacturer specifies for your bottle.

Cold Or Warm Water: What Works Best?

If you read science journals, you will find that hydrogen gas has BETTER SOLUBILITY in water at lower temperatures. So, if you want more molecular H2 dissolved in your water, you may use cold water. At higher temperatures, it dissipates faster, thereby reducing its concentration.

So, ideally, neither cold nor warm – the best is to use room temperature water in hydrogen water bottles since that helps retain the maximum concentration.

Key Takeaways

Using a hydrogen water machine is simple, but we need to be aware of the precautions for our own safety and the longevity of the bottle.

These bottles must be washed and maintained at regular intervals to ensure efficiency. When handled with care, hydrogen generators can last for several years.

You can utilize tap water or mineral water to generate hydrogen water.

Use water at room temperature to get the maximum concentration of molecular hydrogen.

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