Hydrogen Water Bottles: Insights From Industry Experts

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From fitness gurus and celebrities to athletes, the buzz around hydrogen water bottles can seem almost surreal at times. But does it make you wonder what is so special about these bottles? Are they really worth our hard-earned money?

With hydrogen water generators enjoying a quintessential ‘celebrity status’, it’s natural to have endless questions. However, many doubts can be put to rest by listening to the EXPERTS and INFLUENCERS whom you can trust.

So, let’s do exactly that today; let’s take a look at what experts say about these bottles.

Hydrogen Water Bottles Insights From Industry Experts

Gary Brecka

Of course, hydrogen-rich water is purported to deliver various health benefits, but eminent personalities have sensationalized a lot of it. One person who immediately comes to mind is Gary Brecka, who sparked major interest by mentioning the importance of drinking hydrogenated water in one of his interviews.

Gary Brecka

Gary Brecka is a well-known human biologist and the co-founder of 10X Health System, a US-based wellness organization. Brecka has more than two decades of experience in the fields of professional BIO-HACKING and FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE.

Apart from being the Global Wellness Director of his company, he helps people achieve the highest levels of their physical functionalities with innovative methods to fine-tune the human body performance. He is an ardent advocate of COLD WATER EXPOSURE, EATING WHOLE FOODS, and DRINKING HYDROGEN WATER.

Brecka says, “Hydrogen water is, in my opinion, the most beneficial type of water you can drink.” He adds, “…if you want to be putting the best water in your body, period, full stop, end of story – it should be hydrogenated water. Water with excess hydrogen to feed gut flora, for bacteria, for inflammation, for its oxidative reduction potential, for your brain”, referring to more than 1400 studies underway to investigate its benefits on our mind and body.

According to Gary, it is crucial to consume high-quality hydrogen-infused water, especially since it delivers MORE health advantages than regular tap water. What instantly grabbed public attention was the hydrogen water generator he endorsed from the brand Echo Go+.

Brecka says that he makes sure to carry this portable bottle whenever he is traveling, and he claims that it has significantly helped boost his wellness. Further emphasizing the importance of the ‘little hydrogen bottle’ in his life, he says, “I never go anywhere without it.”

This famous human biologist and bio-hacker has extensively shared his views and thoughts on this wellness water on popular talk shows and podcasts, including his own podcast, ‘The Ultimate Human Podcast With Gary Brecka’.

In one such interview with hydrogen water expert Dr. Paul Barattiero, Brecka mentioned that 70% of our immunity is derived from our gut health. So, he suggests that we can restore our ‘gut flora’ and potentially strengthen our immune system by drinking hydrogen-rich water.

Joe Rogan

When it comes to boosting the popularity of wellness trends, few influencers are as influential as Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is an American UFC commentator, actor, stand-up comedian, and podcaster. A former television host, Joe is currently renowned for his hugely popular podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. He discusses a wide array of topics on his podcast, from current affairs and politics to martial arts, hobbies, philosophy, and health, with various guests.

I listened to an episode of his podcast, where Rogan invited eminent health expert and human biologist Gary Brecka to talk about H2-infused water. The Echo Hydrogen Water bottle was featured in this episode as Rogan discussed it with his special guest, Brecka.

During their discussion, they agreed that this is no longer just a trend but has become a wellness revolution as people grow more conscious of their hydration choices. According to them, paying attention to what we drink marks the first step of our journey toward BETTER HEALTH and WELL-BEING. Therefore, it is vital to choose reliable products from reputable brands.

The Echo Go hydrogen water bottles deserve special mention in this context since they are known for delivering EFFECTIVENESS and PURITY. They commended this brand for using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the highest concentration of molecular hydrogen, helping consumers move toward better health with every sip.

Andrew Huberman

Another person who deserves special mention when it comes to generating curiosity about hydrogen water is Dr. Andrew Huberman.

Andrew Huberman

Dr. Andrew Huberman is an American neuroscientist and associate professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He also hosts the highly popular podcast ‘Huberman Lab,’ widely regarded as the number one health podcast in the world. With hundreds of thousands of listeners, his mention of drinking hydrogen-rich water immediately amplified inquiries and curiosity surrounding this wellness trend.

On the podcast, Dr. Huberman shared that every day, either once or twice, he drops hydrogen tablets, i.e., magnesium tablets, into his regular drinking water. However, using a hydrogen water bottle from the brand DYLN has offered him greater convenience and access.

He explained on Instagram, “Enriching the amount of hydrogen in that water can make it not only more palatable but also far more effective in being absorbed and hydrating the cells and tissues of your body, which turns out to be very important for every biological function.”

His endorsement of DYLN H2 water bottles highlights that you can prepare hydrogen-infused water anytime on the go without using tablets or powders. Huberman also mentioned that drinking this water has made him ‘feel better’ and more energetic.

Dana White

Of course, last but not least, is Dana White, whose endorsement of hydrogen-rich water played a major role in heightening public interest in this wellness trend.

Dana White

Dana White is an American businessman best known as the CEO and president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a major MMA promotion company. Dana has recently been all over social media after reports and pictures of his phenomenal body transformation went viral.

According to reports, he made a major lifestyle change and lost almost 36 pounds under the guidance of Gary Brecka. The UFC president shared on his UFC YouTube channel how Gary Brecka and his company, 10X Health System, helped change his life forever.

In a special episode of ‘The Ultimate Human Podcast,’ host Gary Brecka had Dana White as a guest. They talked at length about health and well-being, Dana’s massive lifestyle change, and everything related to wellness. They also discussed how CHANGING his hydration habits helped Dana White achieve his newly ripped physique with six-pack abs.

Their discussion about the importance of proper hydration included the topic of drinking hydrogenated water for overall well-being. Reportedly, Gary’s team also treated Dana White’s then 79-year-old mother-in-law’s blood circulation issues, which included drinking hydrogen water. She showed clear signs of improvement within five months of starting the treatment under Brecka.

In that episode, the UFC president sipping water from a hydrogen water bottle on Gary Brecka’s podcast instantly struck a chord with their followers, who took this gesture as the ultimate approval of this hydrogen water trend.

Key Takeaways

Experts and influencers deserve significant credit when it comes to increasing public awareness about the advantages of hydrogen water bottles.

From Gary Brecka and Joe Rogan to Dana White and Dr. Andrew Huberman, eminent personalities have endorsed hydrogen water jars on their podcasts and YouTube channels.

They have highlighted the importance of proper hydration and how hydrogen water generators can be used to achieve better health.

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