Hydrogen Water Vs. Ionized Water: Comparison With Pros & Cons

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Hydrogen water and ionized water are two emerging trends in wellness drinks, which are often confused to be the same. I, too, used to baffle the two until I experimented with them individually.

While my hands-on tests and the research journals that I studied, helped me learn more about these two types of water, they also brought clarity. I now know which one to choose and why.

If you are still doubtful, let me help you compare hydrogen water and ionized water, armed with my first-hand experience.

Hydrogen Water Vs. Ionized Water

So, How Is Hydrogen Water?

A hugely popular wellness drink endorsed by athletes, hydrogen water is regular water saturated with extra hydrogen gas (H2). Research suggests molecular hydrogen is an excellent ANTIOXIDANT. When extra H2 gas is infused in regular water, the benefits of hydrogen molecules become more easily accessible to our body cells, making this drink a healthier option.

While ionized water might not be an antioxidant like hydrogen-rich water, it purportedly offers diverse health benefits too. A comparative study will help clear the confusion so that you can make an informed choice between these two. So, let us get started.

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Advantages Over Ionized Water

1. Easier To Make

You can buy hydrogen water in cans and pouches, but hydrogen water bottles are quite a game-changer because I only have to refill them with tap water and turn them on to get my own supply ready. That’s it!

Ionized water can also be bought at stores, but compared to hydrogen-rich water, it can be more DIFFICULT to prepare at home. You need to invest in an ionizer filter machine to derive pure ionized water if you do not want to buy bottles every time.

2. Regular Taste

The taste of hydrogen-infused water is identical to regular drinking water, as long as the concentration level of H2 is within the limit. At higher concentrations, it might taste slightly caustic, but I found its overall taste to be congenial.

However, the taste of ionized water did not quite go down well with me; it was somewhat bitter and odd, which I found to be disagreeable. I have heard that ionized water can sometimes be sweeter than regular water, but I have never experienced it, unfortunately.

As a result, adapting myself to hydrogen-rich water felt much easier than drinking ionized water regularly.

3. Reduces Muscle Fatigue And Improves Endurance

I am the daughter of athlete parents and a professional fitness instructor myself. So, I naturally gravitated to hydrogen water after learning it can boost athletic performance. And I was surprised to discover that it actually proved beneficial for my workouts and sprinting sessions.

After almost two and half weeks of drinking hydrogen-rich water post-workout, I found a distinct increase in my energy levels and endurance. Moreover, my muscles felt less sore and recovered much quicker than before.

In comparison, my experience with ionized water did not affect my athletic performance, unlike hydro-water.

4. Boosts Energy And Overall Mood

I have done ample research while experimenting with hydrogen-infused water to understand and assess the claims of marketers correctly. In the process, I came across studies suggesting that drinking this water might help elevate our mood and keep us energized throughout the day.

My experience aligned with this finding because I realized a remarkable improvement in my overall mental state. I experienced fewer mood swings and depressive thoughts, and my energy levels were also reasonably good.

However, during my experiments with ionized water, I did not feel anything different in terms of my general mental health and energy levels. So, I cannot say that ionized water also derives similar benefits.

5. Adequate Hydration

Both ionized water and hydrogen water are said to be excellent for keeping our body well-hydrated throughout the day. However, I could not continue drinking ionized water for a very long time because of its disagreeable taste.

Unlike ionized water, I could adapt quickly to hydrogen-rich water since it tastes like regular water. I have no complaints about it as yet since I am still drinking it now, and my system seems to be happy with the hydration.

6. Potentially Safe For All

Hydrogen water can be consumed by everyone without any concerns about its negative effects, provided the H2 concentration does not cross 2.14%.

However, the same cannot be said about ionized water, which contains ionized salts that might not be suitable for people suffering from kidney disorders.

The Drawbacks

Hydrogen water can be more expensive if you buy cans and water pouches for long-term use. However, once I switched over to hydrogen water generators, I found them to be more economical in the long run. While no side effects have been found yet, more research is certainly needed.

Alternatively, Is Ionized Water Any Good?

Ionized water is water that contains mineral ions of compounds such as bicarbonate, magnesium, and calcium. It can be prepared artificially using an ionizer by putting regular water into it through a process known as electrolysis.

Electrolysis changes the pH level of regular water; it splits water molecules into alkaline and acidic parts. The ionizer helps filter and adjust the alkaline part and ionize it, thereby creating ionized water with a higher pH value containing such minerals.

Regular water has a neutral pH of 7, but for ionized water, the pH value usually ranges between 8, 9, or more, denoting its alkaline nature.

So, What Are The Advantages?

A. Improves Digestion And Metabolism

One clear benefit that I realized after drinking ionized water is that it improved my digestion. I noticed better digestive abilities and fewer incidents of acid reflux. When I started digging up its benefits, I read in a journal that owing to the presence of alkaline salts; ionized water might help in balancing the acid-base balance of our body, thereby boosting digestion.

In comparison, I did not notice any difference in my digestive abilities while experimenting with hydrogen water.

B. Boosts Hydration

Ionized water is said to offer the highest level of hydration to our system since it contains water molecules that are better absorbed by the body. That is why the ads claim that ionized water is a great wellness drink, especially for those who exercise regularly.

However, once I started drinking hydrogen-rich water, I honestly felt no difference as far as hydration was concerned. I believe it all depends on how much water you drink daily to keep yourself hydrated.

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The Limitations Of Ionized Water

While ionized water is claimed to offer manifold benefits, we do not yet know how much ionized water we can drink daily to reap health benefits. Also, the pH level of ionized water has not yet been standardized to an acceptable value or range.

Moreover, drinking ionized water in excess might damage the natural acidic balance in our gastrointestinal tract, killing healthy bacteria and causing digestive impairments.

Hydrogen Water Vs. Ionized Water Comparison

Point Of DifferenceHydrogen Water  Ionized Water
Main FeatureContains extra molecular hydrogen.Does not contain extra hydrogen molecules.
Generation ProcessPrepared either through electrolysis or simply bubbling extra hydrogen gas in plain water.Prepared through electrolysis, using an ionizer-filter machine.
pHLower pH value.Potential neutralizer for maintaining acid-base balance in the body. Also, boosts digestion and metabolism – and neutralizes acid reflux.
Physical BenefitsKnown for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Boosts energy, and endurance and accelerates muscle recovery.Individuals suffering from kidney disorders should ideally avoid them.
Mental BenefitsMight boost overall mental wellbeing.Mental health benefits not yet found.
SafetyGenerally safe for consumption.Individuals suffering from kidney disorders should ideally avoid.
AvailabilityAvailable in cans and pouches; can be generated using hydrogen water bottles at home.Available in bottles; or can be generated at home using ionizer filters.
Taste and SmellLooks, smells, and tastes just like regular drinking water.The taste might be bitter or sweet due to the presence of alkaline minerals.

So, Hydrogen Water Or Ionized Water: Which Is Better And Why?

Going through this comparative study, we can easily conclude that hydrogen water is better than ionized water. Firstly, it tastes just like regular tap water with no bad smell.

Next, everyone can drink hydro-water without any worries about side effects (not found yet). But ionized water might not be safe for everybody. When consumed in excess, the alkaline minerals contained in ionized water can disturb the natural acid balance of our bodies.

Hydrogen water is supposed to offer both physical and mental health benefits, which ionized water is not yet known to deliver. So drinking molecular hydrogenated water ensures all-around health benefits for both the mind and body.

Lastly, one significant practical advantage of hydrogen-rich water is that you can simply buy a hydrogen water generator one time and prepare it from tap water at home repeatedly. That not only saves a lot of time but also optimizes expenses.

So, Which One Do You Like More?

Key Takeaways

Hydrogen water contains extra H2 gas in plain water, whereas ionized water contains ionized minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Hydrogen-rich water delivers both physical and mental health benefits. However, ionized water might offer a few health benefits, most of which need more studies to be confirmed.

Hydrogen water is safe for consumption and FDA-approved. However, ionized water might not suit everyone due to its alkaline mineral content.

You can easily prepare hydro-water at home using a hydrogen water bottle, whereas, for ionized water, you need to invest in an ionizer filter machine.

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Author: Sophie Herbert

Sophie is a passionate fitness enthusiast and wellness advocate who shares her experiences on Hydropitcher.com. With a background in gymnastics and yoga, Sophie's mission is to empower others to lead healthier lives. Her insightful tips and reviews on hydrogen water bottles are aimed at helping readers make informed choices for their well-being. Learn more.

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